Zishaan Hayath

Founder, Toppr


“New age technologies such as artificial intelligence machine learning and natural language processing eLearning companies can make learning personalized for all students. The ed-tech industry today is where the e-commerce industry was 10 years ago - in its nascent stage. There are 400 million students of school going age in India and eLearning apps have only touched a few million. Like e-commerce as time passes and awareness spreads investors will see a glimpse of the true scope of the industry. To boost private equity investment in the sector edtech companies must build a highly engaging product that personalizes learning for every student. This product should also be rich with interactive content and solve the problems of traditional learning setups through insightful features. Moreover companies must develop robust sales teams that can build a relationship with students and parents while they explain various features and benefits of eLearning products. The education sector is at the brink of a widespread change. While schools and colleges will start using smart boards digitize their assignments and tests this will be done at an institutional level. However as students start embracing afterschool learning apps like Toppr the number of coaching classes will see a decline. With enough awareness students will choose a technologically driven insightful personalized learning experience.“