Sahil Dharia

Founder and Managing Director, Soothe Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. (Paree)

E-commerce Report (April 2019)

“India holds immense potential for all consumer products as a vast market and is generally underpenetrated and under branded. I am especially excited about items that have low price pointsvis-a-vis per capita GDP with repetitive purchase patterns like sanitary pads and other daily useproducts. This is akin to the compounding effect. Irrespective of quantum of GDP growth theseconsumer staples will post solid growth.E-comm is the channel of choice for new product launches now and along with modern tradehas broken down the erstwhile FMCG barrier to entry that companies with own distributionnetworks had.Ecomm over the last 10 odd years helped build niche brands owing to the psychographics ofinternet users. Now with Jio et all the internet is mass. This is going to help create mass brandsnow and marks a significant mindset change to business models which earlier focussed onlyon creating a niche and exit in 4-5 years. Now the opportunity is quite large. This also createschallenges of focus in blue oceans.Whod have thought wed buy clothes and furniture online 10 years ago. While all sorts ofcompaniesproducts will be now pushed through this channel we will see many failures alsoand should be conscious of that.“