Ankur Goyal

Founder & CEO, Merhaki Foods & Nutrition Pvt. Ltd. (&Me)

E-commerce Report (April 2019)

“Not all consumer products work. Only online does not work.Consumer brands in this era can only succeed if they harness the power of both digitaland offline. There is a concept in tech called Product-Market fit where one can iteratethe product multiple times test it with consumers and then check which product isbest suited for consumers and the market before launching a final version.Although this concept is equally true for consumer brands earlier it was very difficultto implement due to long feedback cycles. But with e-commerce and digital this cyclehas reduced significantly. An online presence thus help 2-fold1.Perfect the product by reiterating it multiple times2.Perfect the messaging by running AB test with multiple keywords and showcasing tothe consumers.Additionally even though the channel is very expensive for low value product it helpsgenerate trials cheap and fast.“