Zorawar Kalra

Founder and Managing Director, Massive Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. (Farzi Cafe, PA PA YA)

E-commerce Report (April 2019)

“India is the fastest growing market for the e-commerce sector. With the increasingawareness and spending power todays consumer is adding to this e-comm growth.With major investments coming into the country and the government launching variousinitiatives the future for E-comm in India is on a rising scale. Especially with onlinepayments there is a huge change in the way the consumer today shops pays utility billsand even more so in the eating out pattern. With various online portals ordering food ischilds play these days. Consumers have a massive variety of restaurants to choose fromand can enjoy their favourite cuisine or dish sitting out of the comfort of their homesor offices. This trend is making the food industry expand in various ways. Having saidthe same I personally feel it is the responsibility of the restaurant to ensure that thebest quality of food and delivery is provided to online orders equivalent to what a guestwould experience at the restaurant. Yes the ambience and the experience of eating at therestaurant is different and unmatchable. With todays growing demand for more fromthe consumer I personally feel that e-commerce has been a boon to both the consumerand the provider.“