Arvind Sivramakrishnan

CIO, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd.


“Vast healthcare data lies untapped and technology is the answer to improve the standards of healthcare delivery but cost needs to be aligned to the value that is being delivered. Citizenspatients want accessibility & care personalization at lower costs which requires industry ecosystem to come together to find ways of innovation for care continuum. Technology promises are not aligning with the costs which is creating a huge gap in the market leading to over consumerization of healthcare. Lack of effective healthcare delivery through mobile is causing disruption in healthcare service excellence ultimately leading to patched healthcare delivery. Indian healthcare ecosystem needs to find the right balance in terms of cost vs value. Social media should be used to educate citizens on healthcare issues and crowdsourcing of Q&A through social media should be done which is going to bridge the gap on health education. Social media should also be extensively leveraged for professionals looking for healthcare as a career. Government should be equifocused on private & public healthcare through regulation and technology should be leveraged for effective public & private partnerships.“