Jaijit Bhattacharya

Founder and CEO, Zerone Microsystems Pvt. Ltd.(Bharat ZupPOS)


“Bharat ZupPOS We believe that fintech is becoming more fluid in the sense that it is starting to work more closely with IOT NFC blockchain Robotic Process Automation mobility etc. Fintech is enabling financial processes to disappear to the backend where it is seamlessly being handled. This is true for payments neo-banking risk management etc and even for insurtech. However the challenge for fintech is to ensure inclusiveness of access and benefit when large number of people do not have equitable access to technology. For example we still have 50% of the population not having a smartphone. The future of fintech in India must address these issues and hence we will see fintech on cheaper platforms than the current expensive smartphone platforms.Actually Fintech has helped the resilience in the economy. Finance is the lifeblood of any economy and thanks to Fintech the economy could continue to chug along as the financial part of any transaction was efficiently and effectively handled by Fintech without the need to have physical interactions.“