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Srikrishna Ramamoorthy

Partner, Unitus Seed Fund

“While Indias skill-gaps are multi-layered the balance is shifting from corporations to individuals. With the rise in the unemployment rate within the country there is a strong need to support individuals with micro-entrepreneurship opportunities. This is an opportunity that many startups can tap into and come up with innovative and scalable ideas that will enable people to be employed through freelancing. Along with developing relevant knowledge enabling micro-entrepreneurship it is essential that the right candidate is matched with employment opportunities based on his knowledge and skills. Tech-enabled job matching startups can tap into this space and help bridge this gap. It can also help tackle the underemployment problem thereby providing valuable data that can help create not only better but faster job matching for Indians.”

Sanjay Dalmia

Founder, OpenLinks Foundation

“Some activities in education such as test preparations for JEE entrance exams and exams in higher education short skill development and videos and content search have been enabled by technology. However these changes are still nascent. Despite technological advancements most pedagogic methods remain the same. The content and methods remain dated and there is practically no use of technology. Technology can help the assimilation of the latest content and exciting practices. Technology and communities can also help determine the relevant things that should be taught to the students. Technology will also help to drive the methods through which the content should be delivered to the students in the most exciting way.”

Mayank Kumar

Founder & Managing Director, Upgrad

“Higher education is moving beyond being just access to content to focusing on outcomes. Long lasting companies are getting built where the focus is giving the right education - which could lead to outcomes. You will see many companies that will control the end to end experience of learners. K-12 has seen an influx of technology coming to the classrooms in the early days. There is also a larger trend of technology entering the ecosystem for process efficiency and enablement - communication admission process reminded etc. However the big challenge in that space requires multiple stakeholders to be convinced for any purchase decision - and becomes a hindrance to scale. The larger companies have really cracked this sector and scaled on the back of great product and more importantly - a very solid distribution network.”